In Holyland Hotel a model of ancient Jerusalem - Pâques 1985



On the grounds of HOLYLAND HOTEL, there is a model of ancient Jerusalem. The project was the brainchild of Hans Broch, the owner of Holyland Hotel, who also paid for it. The work which was begun in 1965 and practically completed by 1968, has resulted in an imposing layout combining scientific accuracy with visual impact: this is what Jerusalem must have looked like “at the time of the Second Temple, shortly after the rule of Herod the Great”, in other words at the time of Jesus. 





The entrance to the site is on the West side of the model and affords a view of the whole city looking over towards the Temple Mount. The lines of the Second Wall and the Third Wall (built by Agrippa) can be seen, with an almost open space between them.









On 1000 sq. m  the original contours have been reproduced in reinforced concrete  and correctly oriented as well, which is important for the effect of light and shade. The original building materials have been used (stone, marble, metal) so it did not need to be roofed over. This helps to make it even more lifelike but means that the details are not as accurate as they could have been if modelled in plaster or plastic.




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