Kafr Kanna - Pâques 1985



For the last 1400 years at least, Christians have remembered the first miracle of Jesus at a village called Cana, low on the northern slope of the Nazareth ridge. There are three churches. The largest is Franciscan, built on the ruins of a building (synagogue?) from the 4th or 5th centuries AD, when one of the 24 major divisions of Jewish priests lived here. In the middle aisle below a glass panel, we can see a mosaic inscription from this building mentioning a donor. The monks show a jar revered as one of the six that held the water-become-wine. The Greek Orthodox across the street show another two. To the north is the Greek Catholic church of Nathanael, who hailed from Cana.




John De Ridder catches on his camera a view of the sleeping village of Cana in Galilee.



Nearby, in Anwas (Emmaus) in the vicinity of Latrun, ruins of a Byzantine church.



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