Mount of Olives - Panorama - Pâques 1985


The "Hotel International" occupies a choice landmark on the Mount of Olives summit. The unthinkable permission to build a hotel in such immediate proximity to Jewish burial grounds, was granted by the Arabs when the land was part of East Jerusalem in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. At sunrise, from the hotel dining-room, a splendid view of the Temple Square is obtained for the greatest delight of breakfasting guests.

In the background: on the left : Viri Galilei Church - in the center: Pater Noster Church - on the right: Chapel of the Ascension.



From early in the morning, the buses unload a flow of tourists coming to enjoy the sunrise on the Old City and the Esplanade of the Mosques.









The Jerusalem landscape is dotted with the many Christian churches which always are an irresistible attraction for the pilgrims.




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