Caesarea Promontory Palace



The Promontory Palace : Josephus called this a "most magnificent palace" that Herod the Great built on a promontory jutting out into the waters of Caesarea.  The pool in the center was nearly Olympic in size, and was filled with fresh water.  A statue once stood in the center.  Paul may have been imprisoned on the grounds of this palace (Acts 23:35).




Caesarea Maritima

Herod the Great ruled the Land of Israel from 37 to 4 B.C. During that time he constructed a large port city called Caesarea to honor Roman Caesar Augustus. The project was built on the remains of an earlier Phoenician city called Strato’s Tower. Once it was completed Caesarea took on even more importance than Jerusalem and became the heart of Roman rule in the land. Herod built a port in the bay, and erected all the cultural institutions found in every great Greco-Roman city, a theater, a hippodrome, and a luxurious bathhouse. In order to supply water to the city’s ever-growing population, he prepared an aqueduct system stretching from the springs of Mt. Carmel to Caesarea. Part of this system is still visible today.



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