Dominus flevit Church - Holy Mass inside


From here comes to mind the indescribable spectacle of what Jesus saw, of that brilliant sun climbing up behind Olivet to the crystal clear sky and enveloping in its light the splendid city stretching over the opposite hills. The Herodian towers on Mount Sion glowed in the immaculate whiteness of their marbles; lower down, magnificent palaces follow one another in many lines like the various flights of steps of a huge amphitheatre; and finally in the foreground, the Temple, a marvel of antiquity, the Temple that rose majestically above the Valley of Kidron enhanced by its hundreds of monolithic columns, by its towers covered with precious marble, by its celebrated doors of bronze and by its golden laminae which reflected from every side the beams of the rising sun. Jesus sees all this; and also He sees what to others is hidden. He sees the Roman legions advancing from the north, to cast a trench about that deicidal city. He sees the columns overthrown, the towers hurled down, the palaces smashed to pieces, the Temple consumed by fire and reduced to such a ruin that no stone upon stone was left. He sees thousands and thousands of Jews fallen by the sword and famine. He sees the fugitives scattered abroad among all nations, and His countenance grows sad, his eyes are full of tears, and from his lips come words of touching compassion.






During the visit to the Mount of Olives, Father John De Ridder celebrates Holy Mass in the chapel erected on the very site where Jesus is said to have wept in anticipation of the ills which were to befall the city and its inhabitants.

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