View on the Temple Square from Mount Zion


From the Mount Zion height, the Holy City and the outer Wall appear in their white splendour, with Mount Scopus in the distance.










For a special view of the Old City of Jerusalem and the surrounding area, take a walk on the ancient walls. There are two entrance points for a "ramparts walk" at the Jaffa Gate, one immediately inside the gate and one near the entrance to David's Citadel. You climb the stairs at one of these points and follow the route of the wall around the city, either north or south. Don't worry: there's a guard rail. The entire length is 4 kilometers - but you don't have to do it all. Each way takes about an hour. The entrance point at the Jaffa Gate is up a narrow flight of stairs. At the top is a ticket booth. The price is 16 shekels for adults and 8 shekels for children. Following this route will take you north, overlooking the Christian and Muslims quarters, ending at the Via Dolorosa. You don't need to be particularly fit for this, but there are some steep flights of stairs to negotiate, and the paths are of rough hewn stones, so don't try this in stiletto heels.




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