Ben Gurion Airport at Lod, city of St George


The Ben Gurion Airport at Lod near Tel Aviv is a modern building with all convenient facilities to welcome passengers.

Lod, the ancient Lydda, was founded around the 8th c. B.C. St Peter came to Lydda and healed Aeneas, a man who had been bedridden for eight years (Acts 9, 32-34). According to tradition, George, the first Orthodox martyr, was born here. He was a tribune in the Roman army and suffered martyrdom under Diocletian. The Orthodox church of St George was rebuilt in 1870, with a relief of the saint as slayer of the dragon above the entrance

Protector of England, King Edward III of England (1327-77) founded his knighthood of chivalry, known as the Order of the Garter, under the banner of St. George. Many churches were dedicated to him in England and though his popularity may have lessened with the severe curtailment of saints days in the calendar during the Reformation, St George's Day continued to be observed. His veneration as protector of England was approved by Pope Benedict XIV (Lambertini 1740-58).




































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