Mount Scopus - Jordanian Ammunition Hill


On Mount Scopus, the Palace Hotel offers a distant view of the Temple Square (left background)



















Prior to the Six-Day War, Ammunition Hill was Jordan's most heavily fortified stronghold in divided Jerusalem. Its central bunker served as a command post, mess hall and storage area for weapons and other war material. A maze of trenches and pillboxes on the hill was connected with the bunker. The battle for Ammunition Hill was fierce and cost the lives of 24 Israeli paratroopers. As a result of the victory, Israeli forces could open the road to Mt. Scopus and the fall of the Old City was greatly facilitated. These two achievements were crucial to the reunification of the city. Today, a memorial and museum are on the site. The main attraction on Mount Scopus is the spectacular panoramic view of the city, the Hebrew University and the Mount of Olives. 



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